Learning to wait with pain…

I have a lot to process, and I have no place to start. I am scared. I cannot sleep. I reach out, and you look within. I am shut out, but so are you. You must think and process for clarity, and I will not sleep or make sense as I become more and more unclear. This trust feels huge, and while I know it is well placed faith, waiting hurts…

Are you running away to protect your pain?

Is what we have not hurt but slain?

Please, dear God, let space clear your brain.

Please, come back to me, repeated whispered refrain.

The beginning seems too late, where to start?

Manage hurt for which I have played a part

Yours is not the only hurt and pain, my heart

Though we try our best, our pain sharp dart

We must learn, my love, please teach me your way

Show me your pain, let me kiss it to pay

Let me tell you my heart, remember it will stay

Do the daily work, time to rest, and still play…

Without the touch to soothe, we must learn how

How do we survive to future distant from now?

We must learn how.

We must do all we can now.

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