Good grief or pained rain

This time spent, tears hard to grasp, to hold

How does one move on, hot embers cold?

Will this hour be filled, good grief or pained rain?

Let perspective’s lens adjust heart with better brain.

Grief takes time and grace

Only moves at glacial pace

Will this minute pass, breath held tight?

Choices only good grief or pained rain, right?

No, we can choose for us any pathway

Hold, a little longer and sway

Stop judging the sensation and feel in core

Grief and pain, just that, not less or more.

I have more thoughts on this today, but I have decided that today is a day for joy and gentle grace. Writing allows space for that in my life. There are very few places in my world in which I can be whole and complete. This is one, despite the obvious secrecy. Today I crossed over into the good kind of grief, though I have no expectation of staying there. I will allow the floating between good grief and raining pain. It is ok.

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