Are you out there?

I get the feeling that you are out there. I see readers and clicks. I see comments sometimes too. I know you are reading, each of you. It is okay to say “meowdy” and tell me what resonates with you. There must be something.

I know, too, that there is an unwillingness to leave your trail on a blog like mine. It is hard to admit you are here, just like it is hard for me to admit I am here.

Some of you know me, the rest of you will by reading. I don’t need to hide as it is counter to my journey, but I must be safe too. I don’t want to hurt people with my words. I must write like nobody reads, but I know you read.

Please, continue to read. Please, when you talk to others like us, let them know where to find the verbal vomit that says what they may also be thinking.

It fucking sucks to be alone, and I suspect we are far far FAR from alone in this journey. Make an anonymous email address, remember its password, and then leave a comment to say what you think. Be here with me.

4 thoughts on “Are you out there?”

  1. You aren’t alone. I’ve had over 12 thousand views on my articles on dead bedrooms and adultery on The Medium in over three months.

    I’m not alone.

    Writing about cheating is playing with fire but the reward is the comments I get from other writers and readers.

    That’s what keeps me going. The need to tell my story. I’m not alone and neither are you.

    Thank you Aria. You have inspired me to write articles on topics you have addressed. Your writing is never in vain.

    You should publish your blog in my publication, “The Scarlett Letter” because you would reach a potentially large audience.

    I have another redditor publishing her work in The Scarlett Letter.

    Let’s make Hawthorne roll over in his grave…



    1. Time to get my ass on over to read your shit, Monalisa! Has been on my TO DO list for more than a minute. Today is the day.


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