While speaking with Insecurity and Inhibition, I found we held a common double standard that I want to challenge today. I may draw 100 people naked each with unique shape and contour. Their shadows differ as does the light of their energy. They way they hold themselves in space tells me their story. They carry different experience that comes with age. There are scars and wrinkles, folds and flaps, muscles and joints. There markings that came at birth as well as the ink chosen. They are so beautiful – every single one of them is stunning – and naked.

Insecurity and Inhibition have no voice when looking out the window, but they are loud as FUCK when looking in the mirror. Today I challenge them. We must look outward and inward with the same acceptance.

I get out my words, and I allow myself introspection without their influence. I get out my infinite box of tissue, and I cry for no reason and all reasons. I get out the camera, and I use the timer. I take pictures of myself from every angle. Then I get out my favorite paper and implements, and I draw my spirit through my skin.

Look at those scars are realize that I am lucky to be alive.

Look at those stretch marks and remember the kids that gave them to me.

Look at that hair and wonder how I will ever have the skill to draw it as it really is.

Look at that muscle and its stretch and marvel at what the body can be.

Look at the freckles because I got them from my family and in every pregnancy I painted my children with the same tiny kisses.

Look, just look. Then draw, just draw. I only have room for love today.

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