Damn straight, I will leave my hat on!

As long as I am slathering myself in Joe Cocker today, I may as well have permission to leave my hat on.

He will have me take off my coat slowly, but I think I will keep my shoes thanks. Almost all of my shoes are “fuck me shoes.” He will have me take off my dress, but makes no stipulations for what I am wearing underneath. He wants the lights on, and let’s be honest…that is fair as I insist on being seen. Then he growls repeatedly “you give me reason to live” while the brass builds to a shout under his intensity.

But it isn’t all seduction and strip tease.

Suspicious minds a talkin’
Try’n’ to tear us apart
They don’t believe
In this love of mine
They don’t know I love you
They don’t know what love is
They don’t know what love is
They don’t know what love is
I know what love is
Sweet darling

Love is at the heart of that desire, and home is where you hang your hat. If I keep my hat on for you, am I your home too?

There are two amazing movie scenes associated with this song. One is the final strip scene from The Full Monty in which a group of former industry workers strip to make ends meet but really, they do it to take charge of their existence and connect to people. The other is from a rather mediocre movie, 9 1/2 Weeks, which suffered some major editing for being too scandalous for American audiences. I want to read the source memoir by Ingeborg Day to find the original salaciousness spelled out for me in WORDS.

There are few voices as distinct as that of Joe Cocker. There are few songs I admire more than arrangements featuring brass bawdy, keyboard sexy, and saxophones raw. Then you will tell me to take off my clothes, you will tell me you love me more than anyone understands, and finally – you give me permission to keep my hat on?

Never, ever stop playing that song. Damn straight, I will leave my hat on.

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