Polyamory: Support

In recent post Polyamory, I outlined intended topics:

As I stare at destruction, I realize how much supporting I do for others…and how desperately I need to be supported right now. As I leave my marriage and the destruction is littered with shit I should never have had to face. So as to be real about blame, fault and responsibility – I absolutely mixed in volatile fuel and hand crafted incendiary device. I am not blameless or faultless or escaping responsibility.

I have partners who also have other lives, obligations, and skill sets. As I walk away from complete dependency on one person, I look at the support system potential within polyamory. It is really quite beautiful.

“I will be there for you as much as I can.”

“You aren’t alone. People love you. Not just me, but me too.”

And then there are friends who are ready to send me cute distractions, crack bottles of wine, and just be nearby.

I am a social creature, and I have invested primarily in one partner for more than two decades. What do you do when that construct breaks entirely?

Strip it back to ground zero, and build again with better information.

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