Dick Pics

This is where I left off, from Thought Experiment: Round 1: “Dick pics – they are an odd method of saying HI.”

The last time I dated, there was no electronic component. I am sure it existed of course, I just didn’t know about it. The very first conversation I had on the dating platform went like this:

  • Dude: Hey sexy. Wanna chat on KIK?
  • Me: What is KIK?
  • Dude: LOL…messaging app. Find me there @USERNAME.
  • Me: (sigh, researches app, downloads app, makes profile and deals with notifications/settings/privacy concerns and then figures out how to find @USERNAME)
  • Me: (In brand new KIK) Hi! How are you? Am I in the right place?
  • Me: Ummmmmm, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore….

So from there on, I learned to make small adjustment to my communication standard. I meet a man in main platform, I suggest the anonymous chatting app for the larger “get to know us” conversations, but the first message is “Hi, thanks for sending me a message, and I am happy to get to know you here…but if you send me a dick pic unsolicited, the conversation ends and I block you.”

If the response is something along the lines of “LOL, I never send dick pics,” then it is more likely we are a potential match. More often than not, the next exchange is a dick pic. I have found that a rule isn’t a rule unless broken and punished, so I fire back with a dick pic of my own that looks like antibiotics may be required and THEN I wish them peace on the journey and block them.

I have since learned to view the dick pic as something very different. Sometimes I feel pictures as an expression of mutual risk. For deeper connections, the pictures absolutely help fill in the space between meeting or across larger divides. Dick pics though, should never be used to say “hi.”

Welcome to dating in the current world. I have seen more dick in the last year than in my entire life combined previously. The majority of that was unsolicited.

I am a sapiophile. This label is one I came to in the last year as well. Next blog post on that world, because it is very true for me. I give zero fux about your photo…until I do. Once you are in my head, I know everything as a whole.

5 thoughts on “Dick Pics”

  1. Yes. All the yeses. I believe I’ve seen more dick pics in the past two years than in all my previous lives as well. 😂


      1. Lol. Early in transition I briefly used Instagram. I mean I THINK I intended a visual diary but fucked it off pretty soon cos I’m just not that vain.
        But lordy the dick pics came faster and more furiously than Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel on a gay bender.

        Anyway, back then the only polite response was to shrug and point out mine was bigger.


      2. LOL….I wish I had such a response. I used to say….my my….

        Then I would say…Well, hello there.

        Then I would say…I don’t give a shit about your bits….Until I DO….

        No I don’t say anything. Just continue on my way.


    1. Not National Security Administration….Hilarious. I don’t understand the no strings attached. At minimum, I am asking a person to care for my discretion…and then to care for my body…those things are responsibilities.

      Emotions sure.


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